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Sep 20, 2012 2:05am PDT
finalists, they are syracuse university, the ohio state university, the university of tennessee, where we are headed, brandeis university, the university of south florida and creighton university. all right, ms. sarah. >> what's the -- >> oh oh. >> hey, guys. >> somebody is actually in class. >> the university of tennessee in knoxville with smoky the live mascot and a few of my new friends! >> that was cute. ♪ . wow. look at that! orange seems to be a big color at these universities. ♪ >> okay. okay. ♪ home sweet home to me >> he is so cute. ♪ rocky top, rocky top tennessee ♪ >> okay. ♪ >> rocky top -- okay. ♪ good old rocky top, rocky top tennessee ♪ okay. ♪ rocky top, tennessee. every time we show a new school -- >> they think the other one was the best and you may see another one, and you think unbelievable. the folks at ut are turning it out. here is the key though, for us to do our show live from your university -- >> monday, october 1st -- >> you have got to get out there and vote, 'cause this rocks. so you have to go to and vote and you can only vot
Sep 18, 2012 9:00am PDT
and the story behind the video, next. >> a live tv report from the tennessee state fair and it's all about to go south. >> that is not where i thought that was going. >> see what happens when the lumb oÑ . >>> it's time once again for the best of rtm when we tell you about bonus videos you can find on our website. >> we're in the middle of football season. this guy wasn't so happy that the cowboys dropped the game. >> i feel for him. >> i have another parody. this time it's the cadets from the u.s. naval academy getting into the mix. ♪ >> to check it out head over to our website and click on. >> best of rtm. >>> this is off the coast of northern california. >> there's a whole pod of dolphins. >> look at that. that's crazy. seeing stuff like this always makes me think dolphins are natural performers. >> and they have that ability to make you happy. >> to tell us about this whole big adventure, we have justin wells via skype. tell us how this went down. >> i was lucky to get to go offshore with some close friends. it's pretty typical to come across dolphin like this. and i'm such a huge fan of
Sep 1, 2012 1:37am PDT
of a man who makes what have we made? thank you. [applause] >> patricia leanne caldwell born in tennessee. daughter of robert and irma. at age of 3 moved to missouri and returned when she was 12 years old. patricia grew up with segregation and injustices which she writes about. she spent many countless hours in the nashville public library. it was her family life that was bountiful and flowing with tales told by her story telling grandfather. raised with love of reading and oral tradition. graduated from tennessee state and degree in english in 1964. she married her childhood friend on december 12. they are the parents of fredrick and twins robert and john. her education continued with a master's degree in early childhood literature, and programming in 1975 from webster university. patricia has a successful career as a teacher and children's book editor. she changed careers to become a full time writer of children and young adult books. her goal is to create books for and about african-americans. i write because there is a need to have books for, by and about the african-american experien
Sep 18, 2012 2:00pm EDT
the tennessee state fair and it's all about to go south. >> that is not where i thought that was going. >> see what happens when the anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life. but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work. . >>> it's time once again for the best of rtm when we tell you about bonus videos you can find on our website. >> we're in the middle of football season. this guy wasn't so happy that the cowboys dropped the game. >> i feel for him. >> i have another parody. this time it's the cadets from the u.s. naval academy getting into the mix. ♪ >> to check it out head over to our website and click on. >> best of rtm. >>> this is off the coast of northern californ
Sep 25, 2012 2:05am PDT
of tennessee. brandeis university. and creighton. you guys voted like crazy. we had 150,000 votes and we know where we're headed a week from today, and the winner is -- >> drum roll, please. >> drum roll, please! go! >> university of tennessee! thank you. ♪ ♪ good ole rocky top ♪ rocky top tennessee ♪ rocky top tennessee >> that's sarah, in case you're wondering. all right, we're going to do our show october 1st live from the hill, oldest part of the campus. that's their mascot, smokey the dog. you know what, it's going to be fun. we are going to tennessee. that's the home of the volunteers. that's where peyton manning went to school. >> you know, it's unbelievable what happens to a person when they put on a dog head. just can't help yourself. they are called the volunteers because, i guess, over 30,000 people volunteered from tennessee to fight in the mexican war. >> this sung "rocky top" has been sung by so many different people. ♪ >> going to be such fun. it's going to be fun. a week from today we're going to do our program live from the campus there at ut. i hope we have someone
Sep 30, 2012 11:30am PDT
miles beneath the earth. >>> a mystery in tennessee. what happened to these children before a fire destroyed their house? remember when you said men are superior drivers? yeah. yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] safe driving bonus check? what is that? so weird, right? my agent, tom, said... [ voice of dennis ] ...only allstate sends y a bonus check for every six months you're accident-free... ...but i'm a woman. maybe it's a misprint. does it look like a misprint? ok. what i was trying... [ voice of dennis ] silence. ♪ ask an allstate agent about the safe driving bonus check. are you in good hands? >>> a desperate search for two tennessee children today. their home burned down a week ago, but police say still no trace of 7-year-old gage daniel and 9-year-old chloe. susan? >> reporter: hi, fred. it's so mysterious and so confusing. at this hour, state investigators are launching teams of people using dogs to search a bigger area of the woods and both sides of the road around the house that was incinerat incinerated. with absolutely no physical evidence
Sep 29, 2012 1:30am PDT
telling grandfather. raised with love of reading and oral tradition. graduated from tennessee state and degree in english in 1964. she married her childhood friend on december 12. they are the parents of fredrick and twins robert and john. her education continued with a master's degree in early childhood literature, and programming in 1975 from webster university. patricia has a successful career as a teacher and children's book editor. she changed careers to become a full time writer of children and young adult books. her goal is to create books for and about african-americans. i write because there is a need to have books for, by and about the african-american experience and how we helped to develop this country. i present to you patricia makinsik heart of literacy. >> i am from st. louis, missouri. a lot of you think i have said it in correctly when i said missouri. you think i got it slid into my southern dialect, right? no. i was not born in st. louis. i was born in nashville, tennessee, a little town side of nashville. that is where i grew up, went to high school, met and marr
Sep 17, 2012 11:00pm EDT
on a trip home from a religious nearly a dozen members of a tennessee church became victims of a deadly accident. its the one year anniversary of occupy wall street. what protesters around the world did to commemorate. anti-aaerican protests continue around the world.... and as rick leveethal reporters demonstrators say they are still annry over a film critical of the muslim prophet mohammed -------------------------------- ------------- in ---- lebanon, thousands eeding the call from a powerful militant group..... beginning a week long protest of a film criticcl of islam's prophet, the film called "innocence of muslims." the leader of hezbollah making a rarr public appearance... firing up the crowd. ((nats: hezbollah leader sayyed hasan nasrallah shouting)) in pakistan, hundrrds targeted the -s consulate in lahore. demonstrators trying to scale the metal ate.... &psetting the american flag on - fire. police came out swinging, breaking up the crowd, beating back protesters with sticks. iqbal says: "we are condemning this anti-
Sep 12, 2012 6:00pm EDT
that they lost on the road in asheville against the tennessee titans. -- in nash fell against the tennessee titans. he means business when he says this team has to be clear about its preparation and focus because philadelphia has a better team this year than tennessee did one year ago. >> you have to watch the tape and there are plenty of things to work on. the score is not necessarily indicative for my football perspective of what you see as a coach. we have lots of things we need to do to get better to improve between the first and second week. what of things if we're going to compete in against a very talented eagles the ball team. >> a big shakeout ahead in college sports. all sports but football -- much more at 11:00 tonight. stick around. stick around. >> live at morgan state university, city police are still on the scene of a shooting that happened a little more than an hour ago. university officials tell us one person was shot on campus in the stomach and was rushed to hospital. no word yet whether the person is a student. the search continues for a gunman. he has been described as
Sep 17, 2012 11:00pm EDT
the beginning. the main storm system is well south and west of us. heavy rain in the tennessee valley. the storm system is getting its act together. we have two different components we'll phase together. we can see some heavy downpours and gusty thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. we'll be watching this situation very carefully through the rest of the night, just a shower or two, maybe showers for the morning commute, but the better chance comes in towards midday. more ahead. >> we are learning new details about the paramedic that was arrested and charged with assault. >> a police report gives details about 31 year old sean white allegedly slapping a drunk woman while she was on a stretcher. >> we also learned that a colleague filed the complaint about the baltimore city fire department. that launched the investigation that landed sean white in jail. >> paramedics are often the first line of defense. the patient is cared for in an ambulance before reaching a doctor at the hospital. but according to a police report, it didn't go that way for sean white back on september 8th. the 31 year old respond
Sep 2, 2012 5:30pm PDT
in the city in tennessee that be petaluma probably not it has put the town and these kids on the map >>> it is scoreless the on tv >>> they used a live next year and it is heady stuff for 12 or of a thirteen year-old. have you ever done a television interview before? >>> yes. >>> but before two weeks ago >>> no. >>> but the ban on post-game comments and espn and seen around the country >>> it means the world to me to have all these fans and have these people here for me >>> your 12 or 13 of his people cheer for you, to mark u. back- to-school you have homework to do. does this help you out with girls? >>> no. >>> where back to the sibling squabbles the this is been a great experience >>> just another day the next day the moments of great help their remember that >>> family is fleeting as the confetti that blew upon them today. >>> petaluma pride you see a deer the tennessee team is good let's vale, if you don't know everybody knows petaluma around here and a are enjoying the day. >>> there is heavy police presence in charlotte, north carolina at of the democratic convention it does n
Sep 2, 2012 6:30pm PDT
tennessee in the world series, even though they tied the petaluma nationals did lose. they came home winners mike sugerman shows us how thousands came not to show their support in petaluma. >>> they are still celebrating over there, it is town pride how often does a team go where this team went. maybe once in a lifetime. this stuff you think about before 9 and off to sleep a parade in your honor and your hometown with everybody cheering you on. this was no dream, the last in a run of unbelievable events of the dream stretch of baseball and civic pride >>> this is amazing and wonderful a lot of people that never heard of petaluma now the whole united states knows where petaluma is >>> petaluma is the eighth capital of the united states can you name the city in tennessee that beat petaluma? probably not but it has put the town and kids on the map. >>> and at this cool the sea lemans t v >>> kids show up i used to live in next deal it is heady stuff for a 12 or 30 year-old. have you ever done a tv interview >>> yes >>> they have been on national tv what post-game comments and espn and play-by-p
Sep 6, 2012 10:00am PDT
. >>> still ahead, tom daschle, actress and tennessee delegate here, ashley judd. in our tailly fix, chris cillizza, eugene robinson and michael steele. >>> first, flashback, 2004. the full salute. >> i'm john kerry, and i'm reporting for duty. humans -- even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why, at liberty mutual insurance, auto policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what else comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? we believe small things can make a big difference.e, like how a little oil from here can be such a big thing in an old friend's life. we discovered that by blending enhanced botanical oils into our food, we can help brighten an old dog's mind so he's up to his old tricks. it's just one way purina one is making the world a better place... one pet at a time. discover vibrant maturity and more at oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's alway
Sep 11, 2012 11:30am PDT
for outward textural compatibility led them back to this marble quarry in tennessee. here, 40 years ago, the materials for the original gallery had been carved from the same geologic formation. the close correlation of texture, shape, and color were critical. so into the hands of t family that had overseen the quarrying of the original gallery marble went the responsibility. stone mason: with 15 shades of color, compared with the original gallery, where it was 20, 21 shades of color. narrator: the architect's model revealed how he divided the trapezoid shape into triangles to serve two related but separate functions: a quiet center for the study of the visual arts and a public art gallery, with a grand public space in between. nstruction manager: it reflects upon you what kind of a building you're putting up. worker: where will that escalator attach to the old building? narrator: the workers whose hands would convert the design in the final undertaking they had raised many buildingin their time, but this was a different challenge. cotruction manager: we're all out there trying to help e
Sep 30, 2012 6:30pm EDT
on in tennessee. two children are missing. they are a sister and brother ages 7 and 9. amber alert has been issued. fire investigators did not find their bodies after a fire destroyed their farmhouse and killed their grandparents a week ago. >> children were last seen by a neighborhood at 6:30. three hours before the fire broke out. we know they were in close proximity of the home within hours before the fire erupted. >> police are questioning everyone who knew the kids, including parents who have extensive criminal records. >>> this morning a man was shot in the 600 block of north bellmar avenue. police are still trying to find leads. >>> 22 walked the hospital after being shot in the 2,000 block of west lexington. police are working on the shooting. >>> gm is recalling 2007 to 2009 cobalt along with the 2007 equinox, 2007 to 2009 pontiac g 5. the reason? a faulty fuel pump. cars were sold and registered in seven states. closest one to us is florida. >> it is what dreams are made for. illegal immigrants wanting to go to college. they were knocking on doors urging people to support question four o
Sep 17, 2012 6:00am EDT
and approaching richmond. the air is pretty dry. the significant rain is in tennessee and near the gulf coast. some showers and thunderstorms in minnesota appeared that will come together and affect our forecast eventually. here is sarah caldwell. >> right now we're off to a pretty smooth start at the major roadways. right here at pulaski highway, word of an accident at middle river road. this one wrapping up in the city at exeter st.. monument street is closed near patterson park. that is for the sinkhole repair. north and west side, looking good. 83 is checking out ok. 11 minutes on the outer loop west side. nine minutes to go south on 895 from the merge down to the harbor tunnel tolls. here's a quick, live look at traffic. everything flowing smoothly to and from the bay bridge this morning. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> libyan leader say more arrests have been made in connection with last week's deadly assault. >> leon panetta warned spreading protest may last for days. hallie jackson joins us live with that story. what is the latest on protests for the middle east? >> protest
FOX News
Sep 2, 2012 10:00pm PDT
and illinois western parts of kentucky and tennessee. exactly where we are getting much of the needed rain. right now we have heavier downpours through louisiana and central parts of kentucky and southern parts of the state of tennessee and alabama. some of the storms could produce severe weather. current drought extreme drought conditions the wos category of drought across southwestern parts of indiana and kentucky and tennessee and especially bad across the state of arkansas and missouri. most of the state is under one of the worst categories of drought. much needed rain from isaac. today severe weather risk include areas like kentucky, tennessee northern parts of alabama into mississippi cities like memphis, nashville and birmingham you are under the gun to see large hail damaging wind gusts and even tornadoes. we have tornado watches in effect from kentucky through parts of alabama and mississippi. these are in effect late night 11:00 p.m. local time. we have a severe thunderstorm watch including northwestern portions of georgia into western parts of the state of north carolina so agai
Sep 30, 2012 3:00pm PDT
. this is where we're talking about, unionville, tennessee. 9-year-old chloe and 7-year-old half brother gauge were thought to have died in a house fire that also killed their grandparents. so far no sign of the children and it's been more than a week. cnn's susan candiotti has more on this developing mystery. >> reporter: more than a week after sifting through ashes and debris, investigators have found no sign of 9-year-old chloe and 7-year-old gage. no sign the youngsters were there, and so far no evidence they weren't when an inferno swept through the home where they lived with their grandparents. friends and family don't understand and neither does anyone else. >> i think something is very fishy. >> the more you find out, the more questions you have. >> reporter: helicopters equipped with infrared cameras found no sign of the children in surrounding woods either. the children were last seen playing in the neighborhood about three hours before the fire started last sunday night. did someone take them? the tennessee bureau of investigation issued an amber alert friday night, calling the miss
FOX News
Sep 2, 2012 4:00pm PDT
in the midwest, indiana, illinois, western parts of kentucky and tennessee and exactly where we're getting the much needed rain. not a drought-buster, but we'll take the moisture when we can get it and heavier downpours across northern indiana into the central parts of kentucky and also southern parts of the state of tennessee and into northern alabama and like you mentioned unfortunately some of the storms could actually produce some severe weather and we're keeping a close watch on that. otherwise, your current drought. extreme exceptional drought conditions, for the worst category, southwestern indiana into kentucky and tennessee and especially bad across the state of arkansas and missouri, pretty widespread out there and see most of the state is currently out of the more categories and droughts and again, some needed rain for isaac, not a drought buster, but moisture needed out there. today's severe risk, areas like kentucky, tennessee and northern parts of tennessee and alabama, cities like memphis, nashville and birmingham and so potentially large hail, damaging wind gusts and even s
Sep 30, 2012 4:00pm PDT
and government. >>> police in middle, tennessee, have a real mystery on their hand. they're searching for a 9-year-old girl and her 7-year-old half brother. they were thought to have sdid in a house fire that killed their grandparents. investigators have found no sign of the children. here is the urgent part, the house fire happened a week ago. the kids have simply vanished. >>> not something you see every day in texas. rescue crews helped stranded drivers after flooding. the past three days brought more rain than texas received all of last year when it suffered through one of its worst droughts in history. today's storms moved east into parts of louisiana and mississippi. they're expected to continue on that path for the next 48 hours. >>> a powerful typhoon is headed for tokyo after smacking the island of okinawa this weekend. typhoon jelawat is expected to hit tokyo tonight. officials are warning people in tokyo to stay inside. at least 145 people were injured in okinawa and other parts of japan. tens of thousands are without power. >> vf cuties with the consulting firm that florida electi
Sep 27, 2012 2:05am PDT
to rocky top tennessee. >> yeah. we are going the university on monday. >> i love this song. ♪ good old rocky top ♪ rocky top tennessee >> next monday we will broadcast from the campus to show the school spirit. the university of tennessee in knoxville. >> here is the deal. love you guys, if you guys are in town at the university to come and see us. just head over to the university, first come, first serve, the party starts at 8 a.m., nashville time. >> i think that's -- >> 8 a.m. east coast time, right? and -- >> so, it is going to be fun. we hope to see you out at the campus. >> they are fired up. >> are they? >> the kids from u.t. are fired up. >> i feel bad for all the other campuses, doesn't mean they are not great schools. >> no, they were terrific schools. >> now, lady gaga, she is always getting everybody's attention. she has opened up about having a history of bulimia and anorexia, 26 years old and now she revealed she battles with those two diseases since he was 15 years old. >> she launched a new section on her web site called body revolution. she wants to inspire bravery i
Sep 30, 2012 4:00am PDT
this morning coming to us from tennessee. two children brie assumed missing after their house was destroyed in a fire. authorities are searching for 7-year-old gage daniel and 9-year-old chloe leveret. both lived with the grandparents. here's the confusing part. the wobodies of the grand paren were recovered at the scene but no sign of the grandkids. >> reporter: more than a week after sifting through ashes and debr debris, authorities is have found no sign of the youngsters. no sign that the youngsters were there and no sign with evidence they were when an inferno swept through the home that swept through the home. family and friends don't understand and neither does anyone else. helicopters equipped with infrared cameras found no signs of the children in surrounding woods either. the children were last seen playing in the neighborhood about three hours before the fire started last sunday night. did someone take them? the tennessee bureau of investigation issue and amber alert friday night calls the missing children endangered. authorities don't know what caused the fire, adding to the mys
Sep 24, 2012 4:00am PDT
slips the ball away. he goes 72 yards for a score, giving tennessee a two touchdown lead. detroit would score with 18 seconds left and final play of regulation, detroit back up quarterback puts up the hail mary, caught in the end zone by titus young, game tied at 41. overtime we go. tennessee kicked a field goal to take the lead. detroit gets a chance to tie it up. the lions come up short. titans win this one 44-41. nfl and officials union held talks sunday aimed at ending the walkout. sunday's game saw more mishaps. new england coach bill belichick grabbed an official. he wanted a replay of the game winning field goal that sailed up. an official threw his hat on the field causing kevin overtree to slip and fall in the end zone. >>> when we come back, honoring television's best. we'll have a wrap of the big winners at last night's emmy. ,,,, >> here's a look at the weather. sunny in washington, 72 degrees. same deal in atlanta 77. partly sunny in st. louis, 72 degrees. partly sunny in denver, 81. partly sunny in seattle, 71 degrees. >>> the big winners at last night's primetime emmy awa
Sep 5, 2012 11:30pm PDT
a difference in businesses. we have seen it time and time again. in the floodings in tennessee last year, businesses were wiped out. businesses were wiped ád tornadoes in alabama. because those cities andç towns saw there was a recovery plan, they were both ready to move out of the city. one was wrangler. the otherç was a &oç oç smi. they wereç going to leave the town they were in because everything was droid -- was destroyed. because there was a plan and quick action, the locality had a plan. the businesses decided to stay. with that, jobs stayed. people stayed. with that, people had hopeç. the workers, the community because we, not just government, the whole community came together. as much as anything else we do, all this work gives people hope and makes a difference. you are going to hear from a lot of different people today. i am going to step out and come up -- back. if you do not know some people, take the opportunity toç get to know othersç outside of your aa of comfort. take that time. you make a difference. people in this room make a huge difference. for the w
Sep 28, 2012 4:30am EDT
and her talent agent husband who married last year. tennessee james is named after witherspoon's home state. >> where is she from? >> tennessee. nashville specifically. rapper lil wayne has overtaken elvis presley's records and it's a record that has stood uncontested since 1958. >>> finally, kelly osborne tweeted an apology to anyone who was offended by herman any cure. that's because it cost $250,000. it was a nail polish made from crushed black diamonds. that is a true story. bill's eyes are popping out of his head. i agree. i know. >>> this comes to us from wpbn 7 and 4 news in michigan. nearby cadillac the tables were turned on a few high school bullies. 16-year-old whitney felt the trade when she learned her homecoming nomination was an organized prank. after getting wind of the cruel joke they quickly rallied behind the sophomore. supporters have donated a gown, gifts, and they plan to display a huge banner in her honor at tonight's homecoming game. good for everyone there. i love that. i'm lynn berry, and this is "early today," just your first stop of the day, today on your nb
Sep 3, 2012 4:00am EDT
. heavy rain and flooding from the ohio and tennessee valleys to the mid-atlantic, carolinas, and atlanta. >> triple digits in dallas and phoenix. 70s in the pacific knnorthwest. >>> why today is a good day to buy a car. i know it's a good day to go shopping but car shopping? >> not bad. >>> get ready for a flood of new tech product this is week. >>> plus the air show disaster we showed you earlier. investigators looking into what went so wrong. >>> welcome back on this monday morning. it's rivals are trying to beat's toll the punch. am is expected to unveil a new iphone and mini-ipad next week. samsung and sony unveiled new phones last week. there are other events held this week that are expected to include a new kindle fire tablet. >>> the auto industry is expected to be a key subject in this year's election. gm and chrysler are again profitable after receiving bailout money. which, of course, was opposed by many republicans. >>> this might be a good day to give some of your money to the auto industry. several major companies are offering big incentives to dealers to sell their cars. th
Sep 15, 2012 11:30pm EDT
-14. they will take on washington thursday night on espn. meantime, oregon, also for the pack-12, maul tennessee tech. 18 florida beat number 23 tennessee earlier on espn. fourth quarter, this game is tight. when florida's jeff driskel, pass to hammond and turns that short pass into a long touchdown. dpaters 3-0 for an eighth straight season. meantime vols lose their s.e.c. opener. they lose at home. number one alabama wins their s.e.c. opener for 21st straight season, no problem against arkansas. lsu steps out of conference and steps on idaho. 63-14. right now on espn, texas is leading ole miss 38-17. that game also available on the watch espn aph. third quarter, penn state and navy. nittany lions hoping to avoid an 0-3 start. matt mcgloin, pass off the hand of williams, into the hands of robinson, penn state, their first win under head coach o'brien over navy. chris thompson and florida state opened up a can on wake forest. 52-0. thompson, a monster first half. this 80-yard touchdown run, part of his 197 rushing yards in the first half. florida state wins. outscored opponents 176-3. gameday in tall
Sep 17, 2012 4:00am EDT
was across the south from florida to the tennessee. florida and the coast wet at times around minneapolis, green bay, chicago. >> if you're flying, weather-related delays are possible in new orleans, atlanta and memphis. >>> back to the news this monday morning, prince william and kate continue their visit to the south pacific. while a legal battle is unfolding. >> yes, the royal family is filing a criminal complaint today against the photographer who took pictures of kate sunbathing topless. prince william is said to be especially upset. his dislike of the paparazzi has been evident since this mother princess diana was killed 15 years ago with cameras in pursuit. >> he's made no secret of the fact it's his number one concern to protect kate to make sure she doesn't suffer a similar fate. he really is going to do everything he can. >> an italian magazine owned by the same company has promised to publish 26 pages of the topless photos. that magazine was also heavily criticized it as it printed a photo of princess diana as she lay dying in the wrecked car. >>> a former green beret doctor at
Sep 20, 2012 6:00pm EDT
quarterback vince young signed a $58 million contract with the tennessee court titans -- the tennessee titans? that was 2006. now it is 2012 and he is broke, and says he needs a job. how does that happen? i'm barack obama and i approve this message. some of our children's greatest experiences have been in the smaller classrooms. vo: but mitt romney says class sizes don't matter... and he supports paul ryan's budget which could cut education by 20%. you can't do this by shoving 30, 35 people into a class and just teaching to some test... these are all issues that really he personally cannot relate to. to be able to afford an education, to want the very best public education system for your children. >> we want this whether to just keep going and going. >> with those clouds, we are going to have a gorgeous sunset tonight. the next couple of days we are said to warm up. saturday, showers and thunderstorms in the evening nine small weather is just around the corner. -- nice fall weather is just around the corner. >> we hope you have a wonderful night. "it's time to stand up to the ch
Sep 22, 2012 6:00pm EDT
pass completions 23, tee martin, tennessee. against south carolina. connor shaw has hit 19 in a row and the gamecocks have a second down and 11 at the 19 yard line. he will run it. oh, boy. what has most impressed you about the effort today? >> gary: connor shaw. i think because he's been able to manage his throws. a lot of these have been easy throws. missouri, you can say what you want, but when steve spurrier gets your number, out of those 17, 18, 19 throws, half of them have just been gimme throws -- that is, dump-offs, so i think if you're going to have to move up on the receivers and force those receivers from south carolina to beat somebody, you can't give them gimmes. >> verne: the draw play again. >> gary: nice play. >> verne: shaw has gone to this several times, steve spurrier has. >> gary: i think brad madison got him from behind that time, didn't he, number 57? >> verne: i believe so. shaw sat out the east carolina game. that was a victory here. dylan thompson looked terrific as the back-up quarterback and then reinjured that hairline fracture of the scapula on his right
Sep 22, 2012 6:30pm EDT
to athens, georgia. tennessee-georgia. next saturday at 3:30 eastern time. it begins with "college football today, the studio show, next saturday at 3:00 eastern time. that young man was a tight end at billings high school in billings, montana. he walked on, max copeland, walked on and he is quite the quoteable young man. >> gary: really? >> verne: yeah. >> verne: take a knee. tonight on cbs begins with c. s. >> gary: and "criminal minds" followed by "48 hours mystery" night, only cbs. >> verne: this one is about to enter the books with 13 seconds to go. steve spurrier out. steve had right knee replacement surgery back in january. >> gary: you have matching scars. >> verne: i had my left knee in may, one of the highlights for the conversation for us, not so much you and tracy. >> gary: not yet. >> verne: we were matching scars yesterday. >> gary: with the month of october coming up in georgia and l.s.u. and florida and tennessee, let's see if south carolina can take care of business, focus in and go to kentucky and win that football game first. i don't want to sell that becau
Sep 28, 2012 2:05am PDT
're going to -- >> the university of tennessee. >> we can't stop talking about it. >> as you might have heard, we are heading back to college. actually, one of us graduated. the other one -- anyway, next monday we'll be broadcasting live from the university of tennessee in knoxville. >> if you want to be there live, go over to the university. it's first come, first serve. the party starts at 8:00 a.m. >> you know how college students are. they don't get up till 11:00. . they have to get up. you have to show up. the show starts at 10:00. >> we're also going to be hosting a sign contest for your crowds. >> tennessee has a great cheer that sara is going to do for us. hi, sara. we're ready. >> top four reasons. we have four days that we're coming. four day countdown. so four. school pride ut had more. number three it's not everyone's coming, it's not just me. number two, live on monday, be there we want you. number one, we're having rocky top fourth hour fun. woo. >> it makes me enjoy your ihoda section, honestly. whatever we're paying you, sara, it ain't enough. >> you know what i did yest
Sep 29, 2012 4:00am PDT
turned to the ground in tennessee. and authorities say two children believed to have been inside are dead but possibly could have been kidnapped. who took them? and where can they be? >>> faceoff. just days from what could be the biggest moment of this presidential campaign. and mitt romney, now speaking out about the first debate and what he needs to do. we're going to take you inside the candidates' intense cramming sessions this morning. >>> kate's new horror. a new round of embarrassment for the royal family. nude photos published of kate middleton. this time, completely nude. the palace's reaction this morning. >>> and the leap. caught on tape, a 71-year-old man jumps from a burning building, straight into the arms of his neighbors. this morning, we're going to hear from the jumper and from the men who saved him. >>> and good morning, everyone. we have a lot of news to get to this morning. arnold schwarzenegger, answering more questions about his betrayal of maria shriver, his wife of 25 years. we have him on the hot seat and more details from his explosive, new book. >> a lot of peo
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